Process optimization for a pharmaceutical company



This ambitious project, with a budget in the high double-digit millions and the involvement of around 30 external consultants, involved bundling more than 100 different systems (including SAP and non-SAP systems) and associated support services in competence centers in the respective continents (Americas North/Middle/South, Europe, Middle East & Asia and Africa).

Due to the high degree of internationality and the associated differences in culture and mentality, communication and the coordination of all project participants were particularly challenging. In addition, after completion of the IT restructuring, new service managers and employees had to be trained worldwide and provided with information material, which also required a high level of planning and coordination.

Solution approach


The pharmaceutical company decided to work with experts from our partner network on a long-term basis due to our many years of expertise with SAP and the outstanding quality of our consultants. The assigned C4 Group consultant was responsible as project manager for the unification and ongoing development of the SAP-based systems and support. Basic requirements were agile project methods and multilingual stakeholder management. In addition to the project manager, other consultants from the group’s network contributed to the success of the project.

The results are impressive: after the project was completed, response times in the company were cut by about half. The transition phase during the outsourcing of IT services to (3) competence centers also went smoothly, so that there was no “bug wave” of accumulated support tickets and the operational business was not affected.

For people like you and us


For our company, the optimization of processes, which has led to an increase in efficiency along the entire value chain (e.g. procurement, production, logistics, delivery) is also particularly noticeable. After all, faster response times, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, can make the difference between human lives, as demonstrated not least by the Covid19 pandemic.

From a socially responsible perspective, this project was particularly close to our hearts, as we as a group are convinced that progressive digital transformation in the pharmaceutical industry goes hand in hand with a sound and efficient healthcare system and forms the basis for a healthy society with a promising future.

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