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In alignment with our name “Consulting for …”, we have specialized in the following services: Talent Scouting, Creative Coding and Data Expertise. In addition, our strategic partner Apsycon Managementberatung supports us in the area of management consulting and business model transformation. Our management consultants are also experts in M&A projects in system-relevant businesses.


Talent Scouting

For the past 15 years, we have been supplying our highly acclaimed consultants to energy suppliers and pharmaceutical companies ranging from medium-sized enterprises to global corporations. In the process, we have regularly received excellent feedback from our clients. Our range of services in the field of HR consists of three core activities:

• Recruiting
• Staffing
• Payrolling

Commercial Systems

With our agile team of full-time and freelance developers, we are available for you around the clock. We have extensive expertise in the SAP S4/HANA and Microsoft 365 systems and, together with our strategic partners, we also focus on the design and implementation of cloud-based systems.

Data Expertise

It is nothing new that data has gained massively in importance with the advent of the information age. Nevertheless, many projects/companies fail to generate, evaluate and reuse data in a meaningful way. We as Data Experts focus on three core areas in the service spectrum of Data Science, where we help you to optimize your internal Data Science. These are:

• Data Maintenance & Quality
• Data Architecture
• Data Analysis & Machine Learning


By establishing an external service organization for M&A projects, we have been acquainted with almost all processes & applications for more than a decade. From that time on, our management has been regularly and successfully involved in M&A projects. With our flexibility, speed of action and excellent contacts we support them in due diligence and throughout the transition and separation phase. In addition, we take over parallel activities such as finance & accounting, culture management, adaptation of the organization and your infrastructure and IT management.