Dynamic capacity & resource planning for air freight & passenger traffic

We are revolutionizing the air traffic market in the area of small and medium-sized airlines, away from the high-frequency routes, by offering and distributing on-demand capacities. Using a new logistics software that schedules cargo worldwide, we are working for a customer on a business model that coordinates cargo volumes and passenger airports worldwide significantly more effectively. An interesting aspect is to offer a flexible ratio between passenger and cargo traffic with dynamic flight routes. This orientation allows us to serve a wide range of customers. Starting from classic logistics companies to private individuals.

We use technology both to make the business model attractive and more efficient and to minimize risks and environmental impact. For example, with modeling for emissions trading, use of AI-supported software for improved route and fuel planning. Some of the software is already in place, other components are currently being implemented. The development is done by C4 Group, while Apsycon has the project lead and advises on management issues.

The concept is attractive for our partners for different reasons. First of all, our approach and the systems used increase the probability of being able to transport goods. In addition, we offer our customers better conditions than the competition due to a higher utilization of the freight volume of the carriers. Due to the increased utilization and our dynamic cargo volume allocation system, we are able to offer more routes than the traditional high frequency routes. Thus, given the right load factor, even seemingly unattractive routes gain relevance and establish new strategic hubs.

Our partners have chosen us because we have proven over a multitude of business model transformations that we can successfully design innovative concepts with a high degree of automation and integration of multiple market participants into an overall process. Furthermore, in cooperation with Apsycon and our joint network with leading experts from the aviation (operations managers), IT (database and platform experts) and logistics (internationally operating logistics companies) industries, we quickly implement these concepts.

In addition, due to Apsycon’s remarkable M&A track record, we have excellent relationships with capital providers from all over the world. If you want to learn more about this project or want to implement an idea with us, please contact us with your inquiry at: sales@c4-group.com.