Carve-out for an energy provider

Together for GreEnergy


In an 18-month project in 2014 and 2015, we paved the way for a DAX-listed energy group with over 11,000 employees to a more sustainable, “green world” – a concern that is close to our hearts not only from a corporate social responsibility (CSR) perspective, but above all from a personal one.




With the clear corporate goal of being a company with “zero C02 emissions” in the near future, the operation of conventional coal-based power plants in Germany will be successively reduced in order to increasingly switch to renewable energy generation. In this way, we are actively supporting our customers in entering a new era of sustainable and climate-neutral energy generation.


Solution approach


The energy provider has decided to cooperate with our team of experts for carve-ins and carve-outs on a longer-term basis. Our expert know-how covers methods, technologies and a profound industry expertise.

However, we are not only interested in economic figures and data-oriented facts, but also in what has changed for our society and us humans in general. The realignment in energy generation and storage is noticeably reducing CO2 emissions. This improves the ecological footprint.

The interaction of legal regulations, economic efficiency and social responsibility is the basis for future-proof and sustainable action.

In this way, we, as a company, counteract the man-made share of climate change. We also actively reduce potential environmental damage caused by interventions in nature and promote the development of renewable energy generation through the right investments.